Turn off plugin update notifications

How to turn off WordPress plugin update notifications.


How often do you see plugin update notifications in your WordPress admin panel?

Keeping your plugins updated is a very important maintenace task designed, in theory, to help keep your WordPress site safe and secure.  Sometimes, not very often, you may want to ignore a plugin update notification. Perhaps the plugin has had a major update and you are unable to accommodate it, or the plugin has been handed over to a new developer and you are unsure of their motives.

WordPress provides a mechanism based on events and actions to integrate with its subsystems.  When used in conjunction with a child theme functions.php file we have the necessary tools to enable us to remove plugin update notifications with ease.

So how do you do that?

It’s easy, but think very carefully before doing this. Create the following PHP function in your child theme functions.php file.

function filter_plugin_updates($value) {
    if ($value && array_key_exists ( 'response', $value )) {
        unset ( $value->response ['SPECIFIC_PLUGIN_FOLDER_A/PLUGIN_FILE.php'] );
        unset ( $value->response ['SPECIFIC_PLUGIN_FOLDER_B/PLUGIN_FILE.php'] );
    return $value;
add_filter ( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'filter_plugin_updates' );

Replace SPECIFIC_PLUGIN_FOLDER_A/PLUGIN_FILE.php etc, with the actual folder and file you want to remove the plugin update notification for.

If you now view your WordPress admin panel you’ll see that the plugin update notifications you entered are no longer visible.